Empty Nest

We've moved out and 5 mins down the road.

Missing the ducks and geese already.

Max has staked string along the river bank to stop the geese from climbing onto the lawn. It has worked, fortunately the ducks can walk underneath and sleep on the grass.

Even the dog has given up chasing them.

Typically my Magnolia Grandiflora flowered the day we moved out. Beautiful large cream blooms which smell amazing. 

Must organise Grafitti and Demolition party.  

Budding "Bansky's" artists here we come!

Time to move out


The sun is shining, the geese and ducks are on the lawn and the slipper launches are cruising up the river. 

Henley Rowing Regatta last week and Henley Music Festival this week.

The peace and quiet will soon be shattered by the noise of the demolition machinery due in four weeks time.  It will take two weeks to demolish and re-cycle bricks etc for hard core then

92 pilings to be drilled in various stages - 6 weeks and then 46 steel columns

The plan is to get off the ground before the winter arrives and the river floods. It hasn't flooded for the last three years but we have had warnings.  Fingers crossed it doesn't happen this year.

Exciting project..

Demolition date booked!

Baby granddaughter, Eliza,  arrived on 30th April, all house planning was on hold.  

Applying for BAT licence and reptile mitigation before demolishing in August.

A date has now been fixed for demolition - 7th August !

We need to find a house to rent, move out, finalise plans, finish designing the kitchen, get quotes for bathrooms etc. etc.  

All systems go again

Glass River House


Building the dream home - a diary of events:-

From start  - 29th March 2016 - to finish ?

Today.. (waiting for second grandchild to arrive - house details on hold)

27th April 2017 - Finalising quotes and out to tender.  

10th April 2017 - meeting with Ralph at architects office in Lymngton discuss external and internal finishes, flooring, bathrooms etc. 

3rd April 2017 - Ground & Water - Geotechnical Survey and test piles for approximately 44 stilts which will raise the house to sit 2.5m above ground. 5 hours of drilling in glorious sunshine but only 6m deep, samples taken every meter. Drilling had to stop due to hitting a large boulder of flint. Not yet down the the chalk. Day two drill bit broke, now 10m down. Day three 20 meters and down in the chalk - huge chalk puddle on the lawn. Dog paw marks on the he outside decking and grey carpets. 

March 2017 - Appointed Clive as project manager.

February 2017 - QS appointed and preparation of technical drawings etc.  

January 2017 - Freezing cold winter, lived in three jumpers, fur coat and Ugg boots.

25th December 2016 - Christmas in the old house

23rd December 2016 - Planning permission approved.

December 2016 - log burner caught fire - fortunately the house did not burn down.  House smells of wood smoke.  

July - November 2016 - Enjoyed the summer by the river and started the exciting process of designing the house with a view and requesting many reports for flooding, ecology, trees, bats. All required for planning permission.

June 2016 - Moved in to property to live, but as the house had been severely damaged in the floods of 2014 we had to install a minimal number of central heating radiators and insulate under the house, as the floor boards were exposed to the outside elements.   Repairs were needed to the septic tank, installed a new water bore hole (photos) piled down 25m to aquifer,  unblocked drains, Tried to repair plumbing under kitchen sink.  

March 2016 - Purchased land and property