Week 25 - 25th June 2018

Three large windows installed - master bedroom and master's study - first fix

Week 24 - 18th June 2018

One window installed this week - another 26 to go !

Week 23

PHOTO-2018-06-15-17-01-26 (1).jpg

Week 22

Week 22 - June 4th 2018


Week 21


Week 20

Windows craned up and over building on to floor level. Internal timbers.  

Week 19


Week 18

Steve and his team busy on site. Joists, wall insulation, internal walls, chimney  

Roofers finished

Glass roof lights installed on Friday

    Photo by Don Elliot


Photo by Don Elliot

roof b.jpg

Week 14

Roofing contractors due to start on Monday.  Clive is away, Steve and the guys on site and its still raining.

We hope to have the roof watertight by the end of April.

Too wet for the brick layer to start the lift shaft.

Max "main design co-ordinator" is now working in China for two months.  

 Water level was three courses high but water level falling.  

Water level was three courses high but water level falling.  

Week 13 - Friday 6th April

We came back from 10 days in India.  Sadly it had rained constantly since we left.

Serious water under the house, but the river did not break the bank.  Water table is high.

Too dangerous to use any electrics under the house.  Fortunately the roof is the main priority.

Increased security and now have CCTV cameras. Which I can watch on my phone !