Glass River House


Building the dream home - a diary of events:-

From start  - 29th March 2016 - to finish ?

Today.. (waiting for second grandchild to arrive - house details on hold)

27th April 2017 - Finalising quotes and out to tender.  

10th April 2017 - meeting with Ralph at architects office in Lymngton discuss external and internal finishes, flooring, bathrooms etc. 

3rd April 2017 - Ground & Water - Geotechnical Survey and test piles for approximately 44 stilts which will raise the house to sit 2.5m above ground. 5 hours of drilling in glorious sunshine but only 6m deep, samples taken every meter. Drilling had to stop due to hitting a large boulder of flint. Not yet down the the chalk. Day two drill bit broke, now 10m down. Day three 20 meters and down in the chalk - huge chalk puddle on the lawn. Dog paw marks on the he outside decking and grey carpets. 

March 2017 - Appointed Clive as project manager.

February 2017 - QS appointed and preparation of technical drawings etc.  

January 2017 - Freezing cold winter, lived in three jumpers, fur coat and Ugg boots.

25th December 2016 - Christmas in the old house

23rd December 2016 - Planning permission approved.

December 2016 - log burner caught fire - fortunately the house did not burn down.  House smells of wood smoke.  

July - November 2016 - Enjoyed the summer by the river and started the exciting process of designing the house with a view and requesting many reports for flooding, ecology, trees, bats. All required for planning permission.

June 2016 - Moved in to property to live, but as the house had been severely damaged in the floods of 2014 we had to install a minimal number of central heating radiators and insulate under the house, as the floor boards were exposed to the outside elements.   Repairs were needed to the septic tank, installed a new water bore hole (photos) piled down 25m to aquifer,  unblocked drains, Tried to repair plumbing under kitchen sink.  

March 2016 - Purchased land and property